Happy Holidays from CNFF!

Dear CNFF Supporter,

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings!

In our long, valiant struggle to protect our local forest, to promote functional transit‐based cities, and to fight for climate stabilization, we bring you mixed news from the battlefield. SANDAG has managed to approve their new Regional Transportation Plan while appealing the superior and appellate rulings to the Supreme Court as a delay tactic. In response to this climate-killing plan we will continue to pursue transit-first alternatives at the project level.

The impending Supreme Court decision is vitally important to set the state of California on the right track to plan and invest in the infrastructure that will meet the challenges of a changing climate. This decision will uphold whether a metropolitan planning agency must analyze its transportation plan’s consistency with Governor Schwarzenegger’s mandates to significantly reduce the State’s GHG emissions.

On a related note, our lawsuit against Caltrans on the egregious I-5 expansion from Del Mar to Oceanside is looking very promising. We are pushing for a transit-first solution for this impacted corridor. Our modeler proved that double-tracking of the Coaster will accommodate current and future mobility in the North Coast Corridor, thus making freeway expansion unnecessary and a massive waste of tax dollars.

On the land use front, we are tackling battles in and outside the forest. Most important of these is the outrageous Lilac Hills project that is in violation of every planning principle, code, and most importantly, the General Plan. We have challenged the eligibility of County Supervisor, Bill Horn, to vote on the project, in which he was advised by the FPPC to recuse himself.

We are also tackling the paramilitary project in the forest, Covert Canyon. We are appealing the planning director’s approval of this illegal project. Another assault to the forest comes in the form of SDG&E’s half-billion dollar power line capacity upgrade disguised under the ruse of fire safety. We are arguing in court that this upgrade is both unnecessary and damaging to the forest habitat.

With your help CNFF will continue to serve the forest, the people and the public trust in our tireless advocacy for a healthy planet. We are grateful for our many friends, supporters, and donors for enabling us to carry on this important work.

Tax‐deductible donations can be submitted via our PayPal account at CNFF.org or transitsandiego.org. You can also mail donations to CNFF, P.O. Box 779, Descanso, CA 91916.

Thank you for your support!

Duncan McFetridge
Director, CNFF

TWITTER: @transitsd
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/transitsd
WEB: transitsandiego.org and cnff.org

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