CNFF Calls Upon Supervisor Bill Horn to Recuse Himself from Lilac Hills Ranch Vote

The Lilac Hills Ranch project, which seeks to bypass the San Diego County General Plan’s restrictions on sprawl development, would build an expansive new housing and commercial center in the rural and fire-prone Valley Center and Bonsall communities of San Diego County.

County Supervisor Bill Horn owns a home and agricultural property less than a mile and a half from the proposed project.  The project would affect Supervisor Horn and his property in various ways.  For example, it would negatively impact him by doubling traffic volumes in front of his home, but would also benefit him by bringing commercial services closer to his home and raising the value of his property. Although he would be directly affected by this project, he thus far has refused to recuse himself from voting for its approval.

The Cleveland National Forest Foundation (CNFF) has formally called upon him to disclose his conflict of interest and recuse himself from the upcoming deliberations and vote of the Board of Supervisors, citing the Political Reform Act (Gov. Code §§81000). The project will likely be considered at the October 14, 2015 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

In its September 21, 2015 letter, CNFF urges County counsel: “Supervisor Horn must publicly disclose his interest, recuse himself from all deliberations and decisions concerning the Project, and leave the room when the Board discusses and votes on any decision concerning the Project.”