Happy Holidays from CNFF

Dear Cleveland National Forest Foundation Supporter,

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings!

We have great news since our last annual greeting. Our long struggle to protect our local forest, to promote functional transit‐based cities, and to fight for climate stabilization has resulted in a remarkable climate change victory. For our successes, we owe a debt of gratitude to our many donors, volunteers and friends – including our co-plaintiffs and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The Superior Court ruling on SANDAG’s failed transportation plan has been upheld and strengthened by the California Court of Appeal. The decision confirms that SANDAG violated state law by failing to fully account for, and take steps to reduce, greenhouse gases and harmful air pollution in its environmental review of the region’s $200 billion long-range transportation plan. This published court action sets new climate pollution reduction standards for the entire state of California – that climate scientists and CA policymakers agree are necessary by mid-century to avoid the worst effects of climate disruption.

This victory, along with the Sierra Club’s victory against the County over its weak Climate Action Plan has strengthened our hand in our many battles against environmental assaults in the region including: the I-5 widening, Lilac Hills Ranch, SDG&E’s Forest power project, and the County’s attempted rezone of Forest Conservation Initiative lands. It also validates our 50-10 Transit Plan, a transit-first alternative we developed in response to SANDAGs freeway centric planning. The Ford Foundation bolstered this effort by providing a grant to promote the 50-10 Plan.

As we move from a court victory to the political arena we are faced with new challenges of translating these dramatic court victories into local and state policy. More than ever we need your help to carry this groundbreaking work to make our cities functional and to preserve and protect our treasured natural lands.

With your help CNFF will continue to serve the forest, the people and the public trust in our tireless advocacy for a health planet.

Tax‐deductible donations can be submitted via our PayPal account at CNFF.org or transitsandiego.org. You can also mail donations to CNFF, P.O. Box 779, Descanso, CA 91916.

Thank you for your support!

Duncan McFetridge
Director, CNFF

TWITTER: @transitsd   
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/transitsd                        
WEB: transitsandiego.org and cnff.org


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