CNFF Response to SANDAG Vote to Appeal 2050 RTP Court Losses to California Supreme Court

We at CNFF are disappointed in SANDAG’s vote to appeal the multiple court losses related to their greenhouse gas emissions-increasing 2050 Regional Transportation Plan to the California Supreme Court. It is a waste of our community’s financial resources, and will cause additional delays to the work of SANDAG staff to develop comprehensive transit-first transportation scenarios to serve all of San Diego County.

We are, however, incredibly encouraged by the increasing numbers of engaged San Diegans who demand these elected representatives use our regional transportation budget to prioritize transit and bike infrastructure. Thank you all for engaging in the public process alongside us.

CNFF remains committed to working to improve quality of life in the San Diego region, including advocacy to improve transportation choices, quality of life, the economic benefits of transit-oriented development, and to the preservation of our truly special natural environment by limiting sprawl.

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