[Note: if the ACTION links don’t work for your email client, see the bottom of post. Thank you!]

Dear Friends of the Environment and Transportation Advocates:

As you may have heard, last week the Court of Appeals rejected SANDAG’s long term transportation plan.

This Friday, December 5, SANDAG will meet again to decide whether to comply with CEQA and greenhouse gas reduction laws, or appeal again to the California Supreme Court.


If SANDAG appeals, they will further “kick the can down the road,” and double down on their commitment to building highways instead of transit.

The San Diego community needs SANDAG, made up of elected officials throughout the region, to stop wasting time and money with litigation, to follow open and straightforward governance laws, and to lead by building safe and effective transit alternatives instead of more roads.

Take action by clicking HERE.

Thank you!


Note: if the link does not open your email client, please send an email to current and incoming SANDAG board members at the below email addresses:

“I am a resident of San Diego County, and I urge you NOT to appeal the recent Appellate Court Ruling regarding the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.
Please invest in transit infrastructure.
Thank you.”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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