Holiday Greetings from Cleveland National Forest Foundation!


Season’s Greetings, CNFF supporter!

Cleveland National Forest Foundation has been in the trenches protecting the back country against sprawl development, advocating for responsible land use planning and transit development since 1994. Our small but effective organization has had an eventful year, and we have donors, volunteers and friends like you to thank for our successes!

Regarding our landmark lawsuit against SANDAG, on December 3rd, San Diego Superior Court Judge Taylor ruled in favor of CNFF, fellow plaintiffs and Attorney General Kamala Harris. This ruling states that SANDAG did not follow the law when it approved its $257 billion dollar regional transportation plan last year. SANDAG will most likely appeal Judge Taylor’s decision and we will continue our legal battle while the entire State waits for the ultimate outcome of this case.

Our efforts will ideally result in greater investment in transit infrastructure, better air quality, more livable neighborhoods and stronger economies in our cities. We want to make improvements rather than add to the negative impacts “traditional” planning has on our urban communities.  With your help we have the opportunity to make San Diego a national example in moving away from an auto-centric culture.

We are extremely optimistic that San Diego’s new Mayor, Bob Filner, will take the lead in promoting transit investments. However, chances are he will meet strong opposition from those who have controlled SANDAG for so long. Our advocacy work must expand if we are to make a significant shift towards implementing transit. CNFF has the history and credibility to influence responsible people, organizations and leaders. With your financial support, we will continue to serve as a strong and tireless advocate for sustainable transit and the protection of our forest.

Tax-deductible donations can be submitted via our PayPal account, and via the “Donate” button at or You can also mail it to CNFF, P.O. Box 779, Descanso, CA 91719.

Thank you for your support, and may you have a very joyful holiday season!


Jack Shu
Cleveland National Forest Foundation

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