Duncan McFetridge ~ Occupy San Diego Teach-In Sunday, Nov. 6!

Join Occupy San Diego and Duncan McFetridge of the Transit San Diego Campaign for a teach-in!

San Diego Civic Center ~ 2:00 p.m. ~ Sunday, November 6, 2011

Subject:  How the recently-approved SANDAG 2050 RTP/SCS undermines opportunity for sustainable community building, poses a grave threat to the integrity of our city, farm and wilderness resources, and completely violates state mandated environmental law.   Say No on Greed! Yes on the 50-10 Transit Plan.

Duncan at Occupy San Diego

This is the third such discussion led by Duncan in the past three weeks. Ideas discussed in prior teach-ins include:

  • Banks are not the leaders of corruption in SD. It’s the developers in San Diego who are plundering.
  • Freeway-based infrastructure is inherently unsustainable.
  • We can’t do transit halfway. ‘Balance’ doesn’t work – you can’t piecemeal transit infrastructure and expect it will work. It needs to be a complete system to function.
  • Auto-based society inherently isolates the young and the elderly.
  • Transportation moves goods & people. Freeways only move people to sprawl subdivisions. Transit connects community & jobs.
  • Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a false choice and “fake transit”: it’s designed only to move those too poor to afford personal vehicles slowly through our county, not efficiently.

    Duncan addressing SANDAG prior to adoption of 2050 RTP/SCS


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