A ‘People’s Plan’ for San Diego TRANSIT: Request for Support

Environmental friends and activists:

San Diego needs your help by Wednesday, October 26 at noon PST!

Our San Diego regional leaders are set to approve a sprawl-first model of sustainability that will set a precedent for the nation. Instead of achieving sustainability goals, this Plan will only serve to promote further sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions, perpetuating poor land use and traffic congestion.

This Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (2050 RTP/SCS/EIR), prepared under SB 375, is the first of its kind. The Plan fails to include the actual transportation projects necessary to ensure the region’s growth over the next forty years comprises compact, urban development.

We still have an opportunity to press for a better solution. Email SANDAG and tell them NO on the 2050 RTP/SCS/EIR – not when there’s a better alternative.

This Plan would expand highways in the early years but defer investment in critical transit projects to the middle or end of the 40-year planning horizon – all but guaranteeing that we’ll only ever get the highways. In fact, the transit plans are so nonspecific that they may never be funded.

The Cleveland National Forest Foundation (CNFF), through its Transit San Diego campaign, has submitted an alternate framework for SANDAG’s consideration. Dubbed the “50-10 Transit Plan,” we advocate for 50 years’ worth of transit investment into the first 10 years of infrastructure build-out. You can also find multiple comment letters opposing SANDAG’s sprawl-development-friendly plan at www.transitsandiego.org, in the lower right section of the page.

With decades of transportation planning on the line, we must make sure that SANDAG gets the message: transit must be a priority. Please email SANDAG and tell them NO to the highways-first 2050 RTP/SCS/EIR plan.

The proposed plan is fundamentally flawed in many ways, outlined both in the attached, as well as last month’s letter from Attorney General Kamala Harris strongly criticizing the 2050 RTP’s inadequacies. You can read the letter and coverage of the Attorney General’s objections here.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. SANDAG will vote on this next Friday, October 28, setting a national precedent for transportation priorities that may last for generations. Please help now by sending an email to the following:

jstocks@ci.encinitas.ca.us: Jerome Stocks, Chair

gga@sandag.org: Gary Gallegos, Executive Director

twr@sandag.org: SANDAG Board of Directors Clerk

Please copy sara@cerf.org so we can maintain a copy of all correspondence.

Also, please alert your networks that transit is on the line in San Diego.

Please include in your message:

  • Do not approve the 2050 RTP/SCS/EIR
  • Consider the 50-10 Transit Plan submitted by CNFF as the preferred alternative
  • Address all concerns raised by the Attorney General’s Sept. 16, 2011 letter before adopting a final plan

Thank you!


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